Must-see in the Gulf of Orosei in Sardinia


The Gulf of Orosei stretches for more than 30 km along the northeastern coast of Sardinia. It is considered one of the most fascinating places of the Island for its natural habitat. Thanks to its peculiar morphological structure, this area is divided into two parts, the northern side distinguishes itself for its pine forest, the long shoreline and coastal dunes, whereas the southern part for the Supramonte Plateau of limestone and its several breath-taking views such as the cleft of Su Gorroppu or the wonderful Cala Goloritzé.

In this unique scenery, well known for its worldwide famous beaches and beautiful bays, like Cala Mariolu, Cala Sisine, Cala Luna and Cala dei Gabbiani, there are the Bue Marino grottos, which are worth visiting at least once in life, since this place is where the monk seal used to nest. On the Gulf it is also possible to visit some of the most beautiful beaches that belong to the district of Orosei, such as Cala Ginepro and Cala Liberotto. They are especially appreciated both by the tourists and the locals for its glimmering colours, the sandy seabed and the pine forest, that offers shelter during the hottest hours.

In addition to the beautiful landscapes, this area offers several interesting activities, thanks to the numerous events related to Sardinian traditions, food, wine and folklore festivals, that liven up the Gulf during summer and spring, for example the Fest of Santa Maria del Mare or that dedicated to the Patron Saint of Orosei, Saint John.


Cala Liberotto (Orosei)


Beautiful beaches of fine sand, granite cliffs and turquoise sea

The enchanting Cala Liberotto is a well-known seaside area of the district of Orosei, from which it is just 11km away. On these beautiful beaches , that are surrounded by pine forest and Mediterranean trees, it is possible to find several businesses related to sport and food, such as the renowned Il Corallo Restaurant. With a nice walk, starting from Cala Liberotto, through the numerous bays and beautiful granit pink cliffs, you can reach other areas of utmost environmental importance, such as Cala Ginepro, Sa Mattanosa, Sa Curcurica and Bidderosa.

2km | 4 minutes by car


Sa Curcurica (Orosei)


A Site of Community Importance, part of the Natura 2000 network

The Sa Cururica pond is famous for being untamed and for its bright colors. Its name comes from the homonymous Sa Curcurica beach. This area, thanks to its proximity to the Oasis of Bidderosa, has been chosen as a nesting site by different fuanal species and it can be reached quite easily on foot for some bird warching or for accessing the beach of Bidderosa, while wading across a small river mouth. The beach looks like a snow white and peaceful expanse of fine sand with shallow, crystal clear water, which makes it the ideal place for families with children.

2km | 5 minutes by car


Oasis of Bidderosa (Orosei)


The protected oasis where rare species of flora and fauna find their home

The nature reserve of Bidderosa, located within the northern boarder of the town of Orosei, is one of the main attractions of the area and gives its visitors the opportunity to admire some species of flora and fauna that have found here their perfect habitat. The reserve stretches for about 530 hectares with a succession of sand dunes and paths that cross the Mediterranean maquis made of pine trees, eucalypti, oaks, dwarf palms and centuries-old junipers. The oasis borders the Sa Curcurica and Bidderosa ponds and reaches five beaches of white sand with limited access.

2,5km | 5 minutes by car


Historic centre in Orosei


Ancient history and folkloric traditions waiting to be discovered

Staying in Orosei gives you the possibility to visit the natural beauties of this area as well as to learn more about the history and the centuries-old traditions of the Sardinian population. The wonderful old part of the city centre of the ancient “Fanum Oris”, as Orosei was called by the Romans, is rich in fascinating and well-preserved evidences of an ancient and flourishing past. Starting from the main square and walking through the small paved streets, it is possible to admire several Roman shrines, Medieval buildings and Baroque false facade of some churches. In this way you can learn about the customs and traditions of Baronia, the territory to which Orosei belongs.

14km | 14 minutes by car


Osalla and Su Barone beach


Between two territories of great environmental importance

Osalla is a beautiful untamed beach surrounded by nature and located on the southern side of the Cedrino river mouth. It is well-known especially for the ancient nuraghe with one tower that overlooks the beach and from which it is possible to enjoy a breath-taking view. The Su Barone beach stretches for 3km and it is one of the biggest beaches in the Gulf of Orosei. It is surrounded by a pine forest and located close to the Su Petrosu pond, which is considered a Site of Community Importace whose biodiversity must be protected.

17km | 20 minutes by car


La Caletta


A jewel of white sand that meets with the turquoise sea of the Gulf

La Caletta in the district of Siniscola is a wide beach that stretches from the homonimous small seaside town to the Su Graneri pond. The shore is famous for its white soft sand, that covers an area of 5 km, blue sea and a flourishing forest. The strong wind that often blows on this side of the island makes it the favorite destination for surfers and lovers of water sports. The tourist harbour, from which several excursions in the gulf of Orosei are organized, can be reached on foot. Here you will find restaurants, ice cream parlours and souvenir shops . The Tower of Saint John is a must-see.

23km | 25 minutes by car