Orosei and Cala Ginepro, travel guide and tourist information

The sea is the most important aspect in the everyday life, here in Orosei’s Gulf.

During the summer, Orosei becomes coloured and animated thanks to the presence of both tourists and residents coming here from every part of Sardinia. However, during all the year the sea is full of people, both lovers of fishing and nature and people who play water sports. For example, the seabed is a great attraction for diving and scuba fans: in fact, in front of the town’s beach there is the wreck of the German KT 12 freighter.
The mountains are important both at a visual level, because of the majestic and striking Monte Tuttavista, and at a socio-economic level because of the granite mining, one of the most precious and valuable quality.

The presence of the mount inspires and attracts many trekking and climbing lovers, who make daily excursions in the inland territories.



The old town centre is well-groomed and well-preserved and has a small noble centre, with many striking works of rural architecture, such as the houses in the lanes and the small fresco churches. The Guiso Museum is very important because it offers the possibility to visit the exhibit of rare, old little theatres and the first editions of the Sardinian literature.
Also archaeology offers to interested visitors different evidences, for example the ancient objects discovered in the megalithic edifice called “Nuraghe”, especially in Sa Linnarta” complex, where there is also a sacred well which adds something mystic.
From the little rural church ofSanta Maria ‘e mare” starts one of the most important events in Orosei, the procession, in which the holy statue of Santa Maria is carried from the village, along the Cedrino River, on the boats, to the little church where a festival takes place: you can taste seafood and local wines completely free of charge.
The first evidences of the existence of Orosei date back to the period between 1100 and 1200. Just in the era of the Maritime Republics it seems that Orosei had lived a period of glory. Certainly thanks to its position, it has been a colony of Pisa’s merchants, who built the port, and today there are a lot of still submerged evidences.
In that period the village of Orosei becomes the headquarter of the church administration of Gallura’s district and it has a castle, the St. Anthony tower.