Orosei’s best beaches

Orosei’s Gulf is a genuine natural pearl that offers a striking variety of landscapes. Within about 50 km the landscape changes with a surprising speed.
North of Orosei we include the whole area of Capo Comino, starting from the seaside resort of La Caletta up to the hamlets of Cala Liberotto along the main road SS125.


The best beaches of Orosei and Cala Ginepro


La Caletta Beach

A white beach that descends smoothly to the sea, wide and windy, and for this reason it’s populated by kite-surfers coming from all over the world. The thick pine forest behind the beach is amazing and offers a lot of picnic areas.

Santa Lucia Beach

This is one of the largest beaches in this zone, very popular among residents and young tourists from all over the world, because it’s close to three large campsites.

Sa Enna e Sa Chitta Beach

It’s a real pearl of the coast, it has the largest sand dunes of the eastern coast. On this beach most of the film “Overwhelmed By An Unusual Destiny In The Blue Sea Of August ” by L. Wertmüller was shot.

Bérchida Beach

It’s a protected area that presents a wide white beach with a unique beauty. Here the water is crystal clear and the seabed is amazing. In some periods of the year the sea meets the river mouth to leave only a surfaced wide and long piece of sand.

Biderrosa Beach

A sea oasis with restricted entry. You have to ask the permission to the corps of forest rangers. Biderrosa beach has three white beaches of a unique beauty with crystal water and a low seabed for tens of meters. In some periods of the year it is possible to see pink flamingos.

Cala Ginepro Beach

An amazing wide and white beach with a smoothly descending sea and crystal water. The pine forest behind the beach offers a lot of shade and a picnic area. Torre Moresca Hotel Club is located just behind the beach of Cala Ginepro and here you will find your umbrella and your reserved deckchairs. Cala Liberotto is easily reachable also on foot and it’s a seaside hamlet of Orosei that has many small inlets collected in a few tens of meters, characterized by very fine sand and by a smoothly descending crystal water.


Orosei Beaches

Orosei has a coastline characterized by a wide and long beach with golden coarse-grained sand, about 14 km long. However the beach is nominally divided from north to south in 6 parts as well as its entrances: Marina di Orosei (the closest to the city center), Su Barone (with a pier for small boats), Su Petrosu e Osalla (where there is a second little pier). After the second pier you can find two further small beaches: Cartoe and Cartoeddu (both of golden sand and shallow seabed).

Cala Gonone

Cala Gonone, small tourist pearl in the Gulf of Orosei, offers some extremely interesting landscapes thanks to its rocky coastline, sea caves (the most famous is Bue Marino’s one) and its beaches that are reachable almost only by boat, such as Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu and Cala Sisine (boat trips are available directly from Torre Moresca).