Events and festivals in Orosei

Traditionally Orosei has several festivals and events related to religious traditions and in the summer organises some events that animate the season with concerts, shows and wine and food festivals.

In this page you can find some of the main events that take place in Orosei.


The rites of the Holy Week in Sardinia


The Holy Week is one of the most important festivity in Sardinia. Also the town of Orosei organises and participates to processions with solemnity and faith. Churches are decorated with flowers, palms and olive branches for the visits of the Corfajos, the members of the Confraternity of the Holy Cross, of the Souls and of the Rosary and also the numerous faithful people.

The processions take place along the streets of Orosei and it’s a very important chance for tourists because they can witness some rites remained almost unchanged since 1600.


Santa Maria ‘e mare (last Sunday of May)


The Virgin Mary of the Sea is a traditional festival that celebrates the Virgin Mary with a very striking procession. It takes place on the last Sunday of May. The procession starts from S. Marco Church and the Virgin Mary is carried on foot to Orosei, then on a ship decorated with flowers, followed by some fishermen’s boats, it reaches the mouth of the river near the Church of Santa Maria ‘e Mare.


Orosei Summer Programme (July/August)


For summer Orosei offers a programme with events, concerts, festivals and shows that are different year from year but they always attract and entertain tourists. Among the wine and food festivals that take place in summer, we remind you the Festival of roasted pork, the Festival of “Pecora in Cappotto” (sheep with potatoes and onion), the Festival of Sardinian pizza, the Festival of “Purpuzza” (pork sausage), “lentu” and “perdinzan” bread (typical types of Sardinian bread) and finally the Festival of desserts. The dates of these Festivals change every year.



Festivity of the “Virgin Mary of the Remedies” (the first Friday of September)


Since ages, every year Orosei and all the village, celebrate the saint protectress of their town for 18 days with the Festivity of the “Virgin Mary of the Remedies”. On the first Friday of September, the village moves up to the Shrine of the “Virgin Mary of the Remedies”, where they stay, feasting and celebrating in the so called “cumbessias” or “muristenes”, little houses near the church, which are also called “lozas” in the area of Orosei.